Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kawartha Lakes Dangerous Water Warning - Yellow Alert!

Kawartha Lakes Waters Becoming Dangerous

Kawartha Lakes received a large amount of snow, and with warmer air and rain expected over the weekend, Kawartha Conservation issued the following warning.
Kawartha Lakes Water Safety Warning - Green ReThink

WATERSHED CONDITIONS STATEMENT - WATER SAFETY DATE: Nov 21, 2014 TIME: 12:00 pm Message sent on the basis of information received from:
 Kawartha Conservation Flood Forecasting Network
 Ministry of Natural Resources - Surface Water Monitoring Centre
 Environment Canada
As a low pressure system moves into Southern Ontario over weekend, the Kawartha Conservation watershed will experience warm air and precipitation that includes freezing rain and rain. It is expected that daytime temperatures will reach 4°C on Saturday and up to 10°C on Sunday and Monday, with about 25 mm of rain over the next 3 days.
The snow cover measured at Ken Reid Conservation Area is currently 30 cm deep and contains 28 mm of water when melted. Less snow has been measured in the southern part of the Kawartha Conservation watershed.
Based on the latest weather forecast, the existing snow cover will start melting and combine with the rainfall to produce substantial runoff. No flooding is anticipated at this time, as water levels in local rivers and streams are seasonally low and expected to increase only moderately. Road ditches, low-lying areas, and areas with poor drainage may also experience water accumulation. Under these circumstances, all local rivers, streams, and lakes will become fast-flowing and extremely dangerous. Riverbanks will be very slippery and unsafe.

Kawartha Conservation Warning

Kawartha Conservation is warning all residents to stay away from water bodies, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside.
 This Watershed Conditions Statement-Water Safety will be in effect through Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Kawartha Conservation will continue monitoring local watercourses and notify the public and municipalities within its watershed jurisdiction of any changes.
If you are aware of or have concerns about flooding, please contact Kawartha Conservation at 705.328.2271 or 705.344.0155 after hours.

Kawartha Lakes Fast Water Challenges

Since City of Kawartha Lakes is so full of beautiful waterways, it is surprising that there have not been more dronings in our area. However tragedy does strike at least once a year. My Great "Uncle" Jack , a former student of LCVI lost his life fishing a young lad out of the undertow by the Lindsay locks. Besides the dangers to youngsters that fast flowing water poses, are the dangers to our environment. Erosion, overflowing of sewer grates, and the carrying of debris into rivers and streams, is a big problem. In conditions like these we each need to do what we can to slow the rush of water into the sewer systems. but how can this be done when vegetation is covered by snow and ice?
This is where effective landscape design comes into play. When looking at our lands and properties, not only do we need to think about the beauty of the design in all four seasons, but more importantly allowing for safe drainage that will not overburden storm drains.
What would you suggest for effective landscape design to help with this problem?
It's your turn.
What are your thoughts on this green topic?
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