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Living Greener Means Giving Greener - Which If Only Gifts Would You Recommend?

Green Giving - gift experiences! If Only, a unique Gift giving platform that allows you to dream about gift experiences with top stars and noted people from a wide range of backgrounds. What we love is the money supports great charities. 
FTC Disclosure: Green Rethink accepts advertising aligned with our opinions and beliefs, so there is no conflict. Please see our policies for more info. What is your If Only dream?
image Eco Gift Guide - If Only Dream Experiences on Green Rethik
Eco Gift Guide - If Only Dream Experiences
Here are some Eco Friendly If Only Experience Dream Gift ideas.
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If Only ... oh my

What is Your If Only Dream?

If Only offers the opportunity to choose from unique fundraising experiences to gift others- or yourself. PLUS You can also post your own personal If Only wish. Whom would you like to meet and what would you like to do with them? 
Would you want to meet David Suzuki or another great green advocate? Perhaps you'd like to get together with someone more local like Harry Stoddart of Stoddart Farms, or have an experience at another local green grower like Greenshire Eco Farms. what experience would you like to give or receive?

Which Charity Do You Want Your If Only Wish to Support?

What's your favourite Charity? There are a wide range of charities listed on If Only, and they welcome applications from charities. If your charity is not listed yet. Be sure to share this post with them, so they can sign up!
Here are a few gift ideas the support great green charities.

IF Only You Could Have Tom Hanks Typewriter  - Lottery Ticket $10

Have you heard of Lifeline Energy? If you  buy a $10 ticket for your favourite aspiring writer to win Tom Hanks Typewriter, you will be supporting Life Line Energy. This great gift idea is much better than a 649 lottery ticket, because the chances of winning are not only better, but it also supports a great charity!

What does Lifeline Energy Do? 

Lifeline Energy is a mission driven non-profit that makes learning opportunities accessible to all. Lifeline Energy manufactures and distributes solar and wind-up media players and radios that operate anytime, anywhere. Operating mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, their work supports orphans and other vulnerable children, women, refugees, and people who are ill. When disasters strike, they respond to humanitarian emergencies around the world with radios and lights for those who’ve been displaced.
Who else might like to win Tome Hanks Typewriter? How about Tom Hanks fans? Check out this If Only Gift idea: Win Tom Hanks Typewriter.

IF Only -Turn School Yards Into Edible Organic Gardens $60 +

Do you wish you could turn school yards into edible organic gardens?
Eco Gifts-Support Edible School Yards
Then these gift experiences are for you. There are currently 8 gift experiences supporting The Edible School Yard Project. The gift experiences range in price from $60 to $5,670 ! Wow!

What Does The Edible School Yard Project Do?

The mission of the Edible Schoolyard Project is to teach essential life skills and support academic learning through hands-on classes in a one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom. The Edible Schoolyard curriculum is fully integrated into the school day and teaches students how their choices about food affect their health, the environment and their communities. See Gift Experiences Supporting The Edible School Yards Project

Eco Gifts - IF Only I Could Help Children Get Clean Water 

Is your passion water? Do you dream of children having clean water?
Eco Gifts- Water- Rain Catcher
You might like to support RainCatcher with your gift shopping. Laird Hamilton- Surfing Legend supports RainCatcher.

What Does Rain Catcher Do?

RainCatcher, dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world, uses affordable and sustainable solutions. RainCatcher installs various clean-water systems in countries around the world employing both ancient rain-catching techniques and modern filtration systems. Their systems are active in Uganda, Kenya, and Haiti with plans to expand throughout western Africa and India. See Experiences supporting RainCatcher.

Eco Gifts -IF Only I Could Own A Celeb Signed Guitar

Music fan on your gift list?  Would they love a guitar signed by their favourite musician? There are three guitars up for auction on the IF ONLY site right now, signed by great musicians.
image REVERB logo Green Arts
Eco Gifts-Green Arts- REVERB
Could REVERB be the Green Charity you'd like your Gift shopping to support? 

What Does REVERB Do?

REVERB, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner of Guster. REVERB creates and executes comprehensive, custom programs to green music tours while engaging concertgoers to take action for the environment. In addition to REVERB's greening work with artists on tour, the organization also works side by side with artist partners to develop and execute service projects and community support programs that connect musicians, their fans and important environmental and social causes in the communities they visit. It is the mission of REVERB to move forward the sustainable practices of the music industry through touring, venues, record labels, and radio stations. Checkout the current Gifts available supporting REVERB

Eco Gifts - IF Only I Could Discover A NEW Primate - $40 +

Is your passion wild animals? Do you dream of helping discover a rare animal?
The Falcon Project may be the charity you'd like to support. Have you heard of The Falcon Project?

What Does The Falcon Project Do?

An often-reported species of North American primate has yet to be recognized by the scientific community. What is it? Any footage that has surfaced of this animal has been unconvincing: shaky camera, distant vantage point, and low light levels all contribute to the problem. Moreover, all evidence indicates that this creature is extremely elusive and strategically aware. The Falcon Project solution? An unmanned aerial vehicle, to be outfitted with cutting edge videography equipment (thermal imaging, long range telescopic lens, gyroscopic stabilization), and deployed over "hot spots" of reported activity. Welcome to the Falcon Project, a non-profit research endeavour. Find out more about this attempt to find North America's elusive large primate, and the Gifts supporting this endeavour.

Eco- Giving - If Only Charities List

There are a tonne of different charities being supported by stars on If Only., many of them with Eco ideals. There are small neighbourhood specific charities, and world wide charities like Green PEace. .Which If Only Gift Experiences would you recommend?

My If Only Wish - My Father's Wish to Come True

My father had many If Only dreams for our village in Kawartha Lakes, and although I'm not executor, of his will, I have voiced my opinions to the executor. 
One of my father's if onlys was for a piece of swamp land around Opps Township to be used as an interpretive nature centre.
When my dad was young, his grandfather took him for walks and hikes in this swampy area, instilling a love of nature that lasted his entire life. For a young boy growing up in the depression in a house of women, these were the happiest days of his childhood.
When my father grew up he bought this piece of swampland - worthless to many, but priceless to Dad. When we were children,Dad  would take us to visit this swamp each winter to bring home a real Christmas tree. These days were filled with fun and laughter as we gathered bits and pieces to make a bonfire to roast marshmallows. Exploring for tinder, we'd happen across animal tracks and Dad would get us to imagine the story behind the prints. It was one of the few days of the year that my father didn't work.

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