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#Poli - Aug 25 Political Hopefuls - Show Your Slips!

August 25: What Would You Ask Politicians?

August 25 2014 Coboconk Kawartha Lakes Hosts Local All Candidates Meeting - If you could ask local politicians in your area only one question, what would it be?
My question? 
Could you please show us your slips? 
Kawartha Lakes Politics - Green Background Shocked Expression

New Political Candidates - Show Us your Slips!

 If you could ask politicians in your area one question what would it be?  Me?  I would ask : "Could you please show your slips?"
No, I am not asking to see their underwear, though my request to see their sales slips, and record of spending behaviours would probably be met with the same incredulity.

Politics: What Can Sales Slips Reveal About Politicians?

Sales Slips: Hollywood scandal mongers, and private detectives will tell you much can be determined about a person from their sales receipts. What could sales receipts from politicians reveal to you? Let's look at some aspects of patterns in sales receipts.
  1. Can they find their sales receipts? No sales receipts? What does this tell you about accountability?
  2. Are they willing to share their sales receipts? What does this say to you?
  3. Places of Purchases? - Local Farm or Big Box Store? Whose pockets are they lining? How short is the money trail from their hand to local bank accounts? For example, Laurie Scott uses a Toronto firm to create her website.
  4. Time of Purchases? - What patterns emerge?  Do they shop during work hours?Are purchases planned or are they impulse shoppers? 
  5. Types of Purchases? - Are we looking at a needs or wants spender? Whom are they buying for? What kinds of charities do they support?Any addictions or affections ? Are there high grooming expenses? Will they place appearances above function in a budget?
  6. Items purchased?- Where are these items made? Locally produced? Ethically produced?
  7. Coupons or Discounts? - Do they seek out savings?Are they willing to wait for a sale? Are they mislead by discounts? Do they buy inferior products in order to get savings?
  8. Method of Payment? Cash? Credit? Rewards Points? What does this suggest to you?
There are many insights that could be gained by asking potential political leaders to "Show us your slips". When people run for office, they should be facing the toughest job interview. What question would you pose politicians running for election in your area?

Politics - Why Ask "Can You Show Us Your Slips?" Background

Kawartha Lakes Ontario All Candidates Debate Aug 25 Coboconk
Aug 25 Kawartha Lakes Mayoral Candidates Debate Coboconk Ontario 
Gordon Sinclair on Front Page Challenge was known for asking tough questions - "How much money do you make?" "How much money did you spend on that?" Seen as shocking and impertinent at the time, this same attitude seems to have hung on in our very conservative area.
Do you think it's rude to ask people about their personal spending? I know I did.
What changed my opinion?
Could it have been:

  • A. Rudimentary University courses in marketing and economics? OR 
  • B. Personally experiencing a drop in income from high middle class to no income after a freak dental accident? OR 
  • C. Observing waste and political lack of commitment to our economy? 
Somewhere along the path of disillusionment, reality set in. Once elected to office, it is the buying habits of our politicians that can make or break our economy.

About Coboconk August 25 All Candidates Debate

Kawartha Lakes Ontario August 25 Political Debate 6:30-8:30pm at Coboconk Community Centre
Kawartha Lakes August 25 2014 Political Debate Poster
Kawartha Lakes First All Candidates Debate will be August 25 2014 6:30 to 8:30pm at Coboconk Community Centre. Everyone is welcome. This debate hosted by Coboconk Norland Area Chamber of Commerce is an opportunity to ask the questions that matter to you.
Mayoral candidates include:
  • Bill Denby, 
  • Brenda Karagiannis, 
  • John Macklem, 
  • Andy Letham, and
  •  Donna Villmaire.

Ward 2 Candidates include:

  • Alison Bowins, 
  • Larry Hickman, 
  • Steven Katsikaris, and 
  • Emmet Yeo. 
What question would you ask?

It's your turn.
What are your thoughts on this green topic?
Drop a comment below, or chat with me on twitter @GreenReThink

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